Student Life

Music & Arts

Music and arts are an integral part of our students’ school life. From Kindergarten all the way through Grade 12, students are offered a context within which they develop their understanding and love of music and arts in various forms.

Though our Music Academy, students attend classes to take voice lessons and/or learn how to play different instruments such as the violin, drums, piano, guitar, cello, saxophone, etc. Our Music Academy is run by an external, professional music school called Ros Music. Students from Grade 2 upwards also have the chance to join choir training run by our music teacher.

SABIS® Runda students in Grade 2 and above also have the opportunity to participate in the Arts and Crafts Club run by our Arts teacher during SLO periods, in addition to a Drama and Public Speaking Club run by our dedicated teachers.

Dance is also a big part of our activities, as we offer our students in all grades the chance to discover and refine their talents through a Contemporary Dance Club run by our dance teachers and a Ballet club run by an outsourced, professional dance company called Royal Academy of Dance.

Our talented students get the opportunity to showcase their music and arts talents at several school events and celebrations.

Important Notice: Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, our current music and arts offering is restricted. We intend to resume the full offering as restrictions ease up. 

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