Congratulations to SABIS® Runda for bringing out the best in our youngsters through diversity and discipline)

Nadia N. - Testimonials

Excellent job you are doing with our kids!

Jacquelyn O. - Testimonials

I have really appreciated Kiswahili lessons taught at SABIS Runda. My son is enjoying them. Good job guys.

E. Kagera - Testimonials

A new educational concept that is just as interesting as it is intense. Just a good approach as opposed to ordinary education systems.

P. Mungai - Testimonials

I have really appreciated Swahili being taught in school. My son is really enjoying it. Good job guys!

E. Kagera - Testimonials

All in all I am a very happy and satisfied parent and hats off to the SABIS® teams all around for the lessons via youtube and SDP. Thank you SABIS® Runda for time and again proving and re-assuring me that putting my son in SABIS® Runda was the best decision I ever made.

Keep up the hard work.

V. Patel - Testimonials

Please congratulate Grade 3 teachers for the impressive quality of online teaching they conducted. My children were very excited to hear their teachers' voices.

Dr. Catherine - Testimonials

The student life schedule has made such a positive change for my Grade 4 and 2 children, especially with their confidence, which is more towards an “I can” attitude rather than an “I can't” attitude.

Mrs Chandi - Testimonials

I am so happy I made the choice to send my kids to SABIS® International School. I love their way of teaching. My kids love the school. I highly recommend you go and pay a visit.

Hiyab Hagos T. - Testimonials

The emphasis on math and English and the opportunity for students to progress individually as they mastered concepts were important ideals that I valued most about the school. To hear my son state that he has completed math problems that his college friends were just beginning illustrates how his confidence has grown due to his SABIS® education.

- Testimonials

What I value most about SABIS® International School is that they make sure your children are learning and getting the best foot forward towards education.

- Testimonials

I really value of safety and seriousness of achievement this school is giving my daughter. She has become very serious and more committed to learning and achieving her goals.

- Testimonials

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