SABIS® Runda Stories

Olive Tree Planting by Kindergarten Students

On October 05th, 2022, the Kindergarten students at SABIS® International School - Runda planted an African Olive Tree in the main courtyard of the school to commemorate our 5th year of operation and to symbolize our deep-rooted commitment to providing a quality education and making a difference in the lives and communities of our students.

The olive tree is the iconic symbol of SABIS® International Schools in over 20 countries across 5 continents. It represents the olive groves once covering Mt. Lebanon and Choueifat, the location of the first school in what later became the SABIS® network of schools. The olive tree is also a symbol for peace, cooperation, and hope—messages which are embedded in SABIS®’s core values.

The planting of the African olive tree at SABIS® International School - Runda is deeply symbolic of the long-term growth that we wish for our students and for our presence in East Africa. We are looking forward to seeing our kindergarten class grow with the tree, eventually providing shade for future generations of SABIS® students in Nairobi, Kenya.

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