SABIS® Runda Stories

SABIS® Runda Hosts Open Days

On November 17, 2018, SABIS® Runda held an Open Day on campus welcoming potential parents to the new campus and answered any question they might have had regarding the educational system.

Parents of students aged 2 -16 attended the Open Day and were welcomed at the entrance by staff and students and later joined by the school director for a Q&A session. Parents were then taken on a school tour and attended a demo class. They also got the chance to play a friendly game of football while their children enjoyed the bouncing castles, face painting, drawing and sketching, and playing with the cars/bikes.

Another Open Day was held on December 1, 2018, for CENTUM staff and their families. Guests enjoyed a tour of the school and attended a Math and English demo class. Afterwards, parents split into two teams and competed in a number of fun games such as zorb balls, tug of war, and more. Children also enjoyed a wide range of activities such as drawing, painting, and bouncing castles.



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