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SABIS® Runda Grade 10 Students Achieve Outstanding Results in IGCSE Exams

From May to June 2022, our Grade 10 students took their IGCSE exams in Business, Computer Science, French, English, and Advanced Math, and achieved praise-worthy results.

All students passed their exams and close to 80% of them achieved scores of A, A*, and B, as a result of the student support provided by SABIS® Runda through peer tutoring, power study sessions, exam preparation, and thorough revisions. This outstanding performance is further testament to the success of the SABIS® Educational System, which blends world-class education with the traditional values of hard work and responsibility.

With a balance of academics, self-development, and life preparation, the national and international curriculum at SABIS® Runda ensures students’ success in external exams, which serve as a key to getting accepted into the world’s top-rated universities.

This milestone is only one of many future achievements our students will surely reach in their journey of becoming responsible global citizens.

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